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Actress Syd Wilder Talks Hollywood and Beauty


Recently, I had an opportunity to interview Syd Wilder. The gorgeous actress and comedienne most appeared in this summer’s comedic hit, This is the End, starring Seth Rogen, James Franco and Jonah Hill. Prior to that, Syd appeared on the Jay Leno show playing Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol.

A native of Atlanta, GA, Syd has been in Los Angeles, CA for the past 2 years pursuing her dreams of being a stand up comic. Before getting to her beauty secrets, I asked Syd about her experience on the comedy circuit as a beautiful woman. She talked about not always being taken seriously, because some expect her to be an airhead because of her looks. This funny lady who admires Amy Schumer and Jennifer Aniston dreams of one day having her own TV show. I for one can not wait to see it. Just take one look at her very funny YouTube videos on how to take a slutty selfie or Twerk with seniors and you will see her charm.


For her beauty secrets, Syd credits her Dermitologica eye cream and Cinema Secrets  foundation as two of her favorite products. For her hair, when walking the red carpet, she adds clip in extensions to achieve fuller, longer locks.

It’s hard to believe, but this former ESPN National Cheerleading Champion, gymnast and trained dancer said her mid drift is the toughest part of her stomach to tone. She stays fit with pilates, dance classes, and practices yoga regularly.

So what is the for this Georgia Peach? Syd will appear in “Mining For Ruby”, a romantic drama starring Mischa Barton and Billy Zane.


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