Finding The Best Makeup Brushes

Finding The Best Makeup Brushes


Makeup artists and their brushes go together like peanut butter and jelly or Jay-Z and Beyonce. Sometimes things just work. Every artist knows that in order to achieve that flawless look, you  need the tools of the trade.

That does not mean you have to break the bank to get amazing brushes. When I first started dabbling in makeup many years ago, I thought all my brushes had to be  MAC brand. I now have a number of brushes from Sephora, Morphe, Sonia Kashuk and MAC of course. Before running off to spend all of your Christmas money, ask yourself which brushes will you realistically use on a regular basis. Take a look at my makeup brush buying guide before you head to the store.

Choose the brush material

Generally speaking, the formula of your makeup will determine whether you are choosing natural hair(sable, badger, pony) or synthetic hair fibers (man made). If you buy a brush with natural fibers, it should be used for dry products like powder, blush, eye shadows. Synthetic fiber brushes are best for liquid makeup like foundations and concealers because they soak up less product.

Now let’s look at the brushes that are must have in your starter kit. If you have been to the makeup counter lately, you know that each brand will have at least 20+ different brushes. Coming from some who LOVES makeup, I can tell you do not need all of them. More importantly, all of your brushes do not have to come from the same brand (trust me you will save your self lots of money). Here are my MUST have brushes.

Foundation Brush


This type of brush is great for blending and buffing foundation on to the skin. The shape is perfect for a smooth application and will really work to cover pores for a flawless finish. I have been using this Morphe Duo Fiber Brush.

Concealer Brush


A concealer brush is very helpful at helping you cover blemishes. If you are using liquid or cream concealer, go for synthetic brushes so it does not absorb more product then you need. I like this MAC concealer brush

Powder Brush

kashuk tools Powder-m

A powder brush is used for dusting powder on your face. Look for a soft, round, large natural brush. You will use less product with the brush than using the powder puff most products come with. You will also get a more natural look with the brush. I like this Sonia Kashuk Powder Brush.

Blush/ Bronzer Brush


The blush/ bronzer brush is used to deposit color/ bronzer to the cheeks. Look for a small to medium sized dome-shaped natural bristle brush. I like this MAC 129 powder brush.

Eyeshadow Brush


This brush is used to apply  eyeshadow on the lid or all over. I like this brush from Sonia Kashuk.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush

MAC Blending Brush Collage

These 2 brushes are absolute staples in my arsenal. I use them to blend eyeshadows and make colors look seamless. They also does a fantastic job of blending colors in the crease.

Eyeliner/ Eyebrow Brush


This is an angled brush with either natural or synthetic bristles. This multitasking brush can be used on your lashline for gel eyeliner or used to fill your eyebrows. This brush can be natural or synthetic bristles depending on what kind of products you use it for. Personally, I love the gel liner so this works out perfectly. I think this brush is a staple, however some may disagree. Off course if you use a pencil for eyeliner or brow filler you have less use for this brush. I like this angled brush from Sephora.


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