Finding My Bliss At The Spa Room

Finding My Bliss At The Spa Room


On any given week, I live a stress filled life! Between my job at a major public relations firm, blogging and my attempts at a social life, my days are pretty full. Moments like this, I head straight for a cozy spa to rub the day. Last week, I went to a spa in D.C. called the Spa Room.

This adorable spa is located in DC’s Tenleytown neighborhood and it is metro accessible. When you set up an appointment at the spa, you are sent a code that lets you in the building and the suite. Once you enter the suite, you instantly feel at peace in this tranquil waiting room decorated in mostly white furniture.

My appointment was with the owner, Mary Szegda. Prior to my massage, I sat down with Mary for about half hour to talk about health, wellness and her background. Interestingly enough, Mary has a dance background and incorporates it in her work as a spa owner and yoga instructor. After working at a number of spas,  she decided to open the Spa Room in 2010.

I was booked for an 80- minute swedish massage with Mary and it was simply divine! She rubbed my stress and pain away. Everything in that room said I needed to relax. Mary had tranquil music playing in the room and a couple of times she would ask if I was comfortable. As you can expect, when my massage was over I did not want to leave. I really just wanted to stay in that peaceful place for just a few hours more.

And if you are a yogi, Mary also offers individual yoga classes that will allow you to go at your own pace and you will have someone to help you through the poses.

Have an event and need a gift, the Spa room has you covered. They put together the cutest gifts sets geared towards relaxation like the one below.


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