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Lactic Acid Peel Facial

I am always on the quest for the latest technology or lotion that will contribute to beautiful skin. In the spirit of research, I visited Parma Spa in Vienna, VA to meet with Dr. Afsheen Ather, Director of Medical Aesthetics. During my visit, Dr. Ather gave me a tour of this tranquil and charming spa and provided a wealth of information about lactic acid peels and what to expect from my treatment. I promise, it is not as scary as it sounds.


Dr. Afsheen Ather


Lactic acid peels are mild chemical peels derived from sour or fermented milk (who knew milk had this added benefit! AND no my friends, you can’t just take the carton of milk from your refrigerator and pour it on your face)

Lactic Acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) exfoliant that improves skin’s overall texture by moisturizing, sloughing off dead surface cells and promoting collagen growth. Lactic acid has also been proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and help even out skin tone and blemishes from acne scars.

One of the first complaints I told Dr. Ather was that I had really oily skin and she said the peel would help with this and she was right! The past three days, my skin has been producing less oil!


Parma Spa Treatment Center, Vienna VA

Like all good things, there are side effects to the peel including redness, dryness and flaking skin the first two days post the peel. You can easily cover redness with makeup. The short time it takes to recover from lactic acid peels is what makes it one of the more popular chemical peels out there.  Skin will return to normal in 3-4 days. Consider the flaking skin the equivalent of getting a sunburn. However, a lactic peel has added benefits to improving your skin that sun bathing does not! In fact, it is extremely important to limit your time in the sun during this treatment and always wear sunscreen!

Note these are still chemicals and should be used with care. There are many lactic acid products sold over the internet, however, I personally felt safer going into a doctor’s office to have the treatment. I highly recommend you seek treatment from a medical professional for this service.

To learn more about lactic acid peel or Parma Spa to schedule an appointment visit www.parmaspa.com or call 703-506-8401




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