Makeup Dupe: Smashbox vs. NYX Foundation Primers

Makeup Dupe: Smashbox vs. NYX Foundation Primers

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The older I get, the more I realize that some of my spending habits are unwise. So with the wisdom that age brings, I have learned to cut down a few places  (and by wiser I  mean instead of buying 5 lipsticks at Sephora, I now buy 4… I think that means I am growing, no?).

I try to find duplicates wherever I can and my latest substitution is primer! For as long as primer has been a staple, Smashbox has been the go to for all of humanity. And there is a reason for it. A good primer will temporarily smooth out lines and make large pores appear smaller. primers also act as a barrier between you skin and makeup. It helps makeup last longer and look better.

The Smashbox primer checks in at $36 and the less expensive and just as impressive NYX cost $13. This is a case of more expensive does not equal better product. In this case, I will go to NYX for my primer.

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