Are You Making This Beauty Blunder?

Are You Making This Beauty Blunder?

60 SecondsIn this fast paced, hectic life, we are all short on time. In the morning, we are all trying to put our best face on and get out the door.

To save time a lot of us are making the beauty blunder of applying foundation too soon after moisturizer. If you don’t let your moisturizer set into your skin, it can make your foundation look blotchy. So what is the solution?

After applying your moisturizer, wait 60 seconds before applying your foundation.  I use that time  to either start styling my hair or picking out my outfit for the day. This allows my moisturizer time to set into my skin as I continue to prep for the day.

If you are short on time, after applying your moisturizer, blot your face with a tissue before applying foundation.


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