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My Interview With Cision Blog

I was recently interviewed by Cision Blog on July, 3, 2013. The blog discusses trends in the media and PR industries; offers strategies for adapting to a changing landscape, particularly with regard to social media; interviews influential journalists and top PR executives on broad industry trends; and offers education about targeting campaigns to the right outlets and more. The weekly fashion and beauty blog features bloggers in the beauty space while working in public relations.  See below for the interview!

Weekly Feature for Fashion & Beauty Fanatics: Q&A with Manoucheka Attime of Colour Me Glam  

July 3, 2013


Manoucheka Attime

Photo courtesy of Manoucheka Attime

With a background in public relations and a stint as a correspondence director in Washington, D.C., you might not necessarily picture Manoucheka Attime spending her time blogging about makeup products. But that’s exactly why she decided to launch Colour Me Glam – as an outlet for her true passion! Read on to learn about her favorite products and where she gets inspiration for her blog posts!

Q: Tell us a little about your background!
 My PR career started at Weber Shandwick. After working at the firm for a year, I left and went to work on Capitol Hill for Senator Dianne Feinstein as her Correspondence Director. After working for the senator for four years, I decided to go back to my old firm as I had such a great experience working there the first time around. Outside of work, my hobby has always been makeup!

Q: What came first, your love of beauty products or your love of writing?
A: Without a doubt, it was the beauty products! If a new product comes out, I have to try it. Writing was a natural extension of being a product junkie. My friends know about my beauty product addition, so they always come to me for advice on the best blush, lipstick, mascara, etc. This is a way to share my experiences with all of them in one fun forum.

Q: Do you consider beauty blogging a career, or is it a side-passion?

A: I love blogging about beauty products, however for now it is a side-passion. I would love to have my passion become a career one day. This past weekend, I played makeup artist to my cousin for a big event and it just reinforced how much I love the beauty industry. Being able to enhance someone’s beauty and give them self-confidence is pure joy.

Q: What beauty product would you never leave the house without?
A: I will never leave my house without my red lipstick and concealer! I have to say, when it comes to makeup, a little bit goes a long way. Being a fulltime PR professional and beauty blogger leaves very little time for sleep. My concealer helps give me a glow and hide the occasional dark circles. I love having my red stick because it helps me go from day to night. You never know when your friends or boyfriend will call last minute for happy hour or dinner.

Q: What are some of the best parts of being a beauty blogger?
 The best part of being a beauty blogger is hearing from readers about how much my advice or recommendations have helped them. I also appreciate being able to get a couple of products from beauty brands that trust I will be fair and honest in my reviews without sacrificing my integrity to my readers.

Q: What about the most challenging?
 Having a full-time job and blogging takes up a lot of time. However, I would never stop blogging. To be honest, hours can go by of my researching for my next post or trying a new look for my blog. In the long run, I know that the hard work will be off. I also really enjoy my day job and work with a very supportive and talented group of people which makes it all worth it. Blogging can also be quite expensive as I purchase 99% of the products I talk about and review. However, it is still a fantastic hobby.

Q: Where do you get ideas for your posts?
A: Ideas for my blog posts often come from magazines, Hollywood, my friends and sometimes my own beauty challenges. A friend will call to say they love a particular product and would like to find a cheaper version, or sometimes there is a new product on the market that they are anxious about trying. That is where I step in because I will try all beauty products. I have had moments were I find an eye shadow in my arsenal that has not been used in months and I will write a post about new ways to use something you already own. Inspiration is always around.

Q: What are you PR pet peeves, or what is the strangest pitch you’ve received?
 I have to say, I have not received many strange pitch notes. Although, I think now that I have said it I will get a strange note in the next month!

Q: Any tips for PR professionals who want to get in contact with you?
 I would love to hear from other PR professionals. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Find Manoucheka on TwitterFacebookInstagramPinterest and on her blog, www.colourmeglam.com.

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