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Introducing FERKNOT Designs


I love coming across new designers, especially ones with the aesthetics of Ralph Lauren and Burberry. I had an opportunity to speak with Jorge, one of the founders of the design house FERKNOT (pronounced Fernot, the k is silent). The line is the brain child of three twenty-something young men, Jorge Calderon, Ryan Bruehlmann and Rick Taylor. The three friends met at the University of Western Ontario and it was not long after graduation that they embarked on the clothing line.




FERKNOT features tailored shirts, jackets and tees for men and shirts and shirt dresses for women. Best of all, FERKNOT offers made to measure clothing. Look to FERKNOT in the coming months and years to make waves with their sleek clothing and exciting prints.




The entrepreneurs plan of opening a series on pop shops in the fall to feature their lifestyle brand. I am very much looking forward to FERKNOT making its way  to Washington, DC!





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