Oxygen Facial At Karma Beauty Lounge

Oxygen Facial At Karma Beauty Lounge

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After a long week, the most exciting thing about Friday is knowing it is the start of the weekend. What better way to start the weekend then to head over to the Erwin Gomez Beauty Lounge for a blissful facial! I am not talking about just any facial, I am referring to the oxygen facial made famous by the material girl herself, Madonna.

The oxygen facial became all the rage a few years ago after it was rumored that Madonna bought the machine for her home and has become a regular user of the treatment. The treatments are said to make skin look younger and help diminish the look of fine lines. To accomplish this, your aesthetician applies pressurized oxygen, acid and a serum  (I had the hydration serum) to your skin. My aestician at Karma Lounge was Catherine and I highly recommend her. She was simply fantasic and informative. The machine is not painful or invasive, in fact, it was very soothing. Safe to say, I loved the facial.


Along with my treatment, I had a an opportunity to speak to Sab Shad, co-owner of the salon. She was gracious and gave me a great tour of this great salon. The waiting area felt like you were in your living room complete with a fireplace and comfy couch. The customer service was amazing and  their yelp reviews speaks volumes.  At the salon, you can get hair, nail, massage, makeup and off course facial services. I loved how every hair station makes you feel as if you are alone with your stylist because the stations are somewhat closed off. The makeup studio looks absolutely luxurious and serves as the place where you can get your makeup done by famed makeup artist Erwin Gomez.

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Karma Beauty Lounge
1104 24th St NW, Washington, DC
(202) 293-3333

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