How to prevent eyeliner from running

Prevent Eyeliner From Running/ Smudging

Taylor momsen

Ah Taylor Momsen, the formerly sweet Jenny from Gossip Girl turned punk rock artist in real life. As you can see she loves her eyeliner, maybe a little too much!

We have all had a Taylor moment, maybe not to this extreme. Picture it, you get all dolled up in the morning before work knowing you are going to meet your friends at the new happy hour hot spot for drinks and a night on the town! So you can imagine the disappointment half way through the day when you notice your favorite eyeliner has smudged and given you the unintended smoky eye or even worse the “I just rolled out of bed panda eyes” after a heavy night of partying.

Panda Bear

Have no fear ladies, I have a just the fix. The main culprit of running/ smudging eyeliner tends to be kohl/ pencil liners. Keep in mind, kohl liners are meant to be smudge-able, especially when creating a sultry evening look.

To ensure your eyeliner does not run, you will need an eyeshadow similar to the shade of your liner, a flat eyeshadow brush and off course your eyeliner.

Step 1. Apply your eyeliner


Step 2. Dip the brush into the powder, make sure to get both sides of the brush. Tap the brush to remove excess product.


Step 3. With a flat or angled eyeliner brush, apply the eye shadow over the liner.

Brush Collage

Step 4. Voila, no more smudging and you are ready for a night on the town!

Beyonce Eyeliner

I myself use the gel eyeliner from MAC or NYX. When it comes to eyeliner like everything else it is all about preference. What is your favorite liner?  I would love to hear from you!

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  1. My favorite brand is Bobbi Brown. Colors: denim ink & caviar. I can make sultry cat eyes with ease or thinly line my lids to make my eyes stand out!

  2. My fave gel liner is by Bobbi Brown in denim ink & caviar. I can make a sultry cate eye with ease or thinly line my lids to make my eyes pop!

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