Product Review: Chapstick Hydration Lock

Product Review: Chapstick Hydration Lock


When it comes to lip balm, I judge the products by two criteria: One, the ability to moisturize and two, staying power. Ultimately, lip balm is not something I want to spend a lot of money on because as you know, I have more important things to splurge on like fabulous makeup and clothes. So finding a product at an affordable price is instrumental. So I was thrilled when I received the Chapstick Hydration Lock. Chapstick has been a product staple to many for years, I myself have many tubes of lip balms (including Chapstick) spread out among all of my handbags. (Random, but true, I liken lip balm to that missing sock you always lose in the process of doing laundry. For whatever reason, I always misplace my lip balm so I am constantly repurchasing).

Chapstick Hydration Lock met my criteria of staying power and being a good moisturizer for lips.  I found that I did not have to keep reapplying it even after I drank water. I did however have to reapply after I ate, however for me, that is the case for all lip balms that I have used in the past. In an ad for the product, it said it will give lips a fuller appearance, I personally did not experience fuller looking lips and frankly, I don’t expect to have that effect from any lip balm. I think this is a good, affordable lip product and worth trying.

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Disclosure: I received a free sample to test out and as you know, I ALWAYS give my honest opinion. I NEVER get paid to write product reviews.

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