Product Review: Probelle Nail Polish

Product Review: Probelle Nail Polish

Probelle product[1]

My nails are always on an up and down spiral. One minute they are strong and the next they are breaking off for no apparent reason.

Over the years I have tried  a number of different products, some helped, but most did not. Most recently, I started using Probelle Touch N’ Grow Nail Polish. When I received this product, I was apprehensive at first and thought this might be another “miracle” in a bottle. But guess what, this actually does help to make nails stronger.

The Probelle two-step system is supposed to help nails grow to a healthier state. The Touch N’ Grow polish strengthens nails while the Touch N’ Grow Plus maintains healthy nails. The Touch N’ Grow Plus incorporates garlic and lime to prevent discoloration.

What I noticed instantly about this nail treatment was the absence of the very strong smell I am used to from traditional nail polish. The best part of this is that it dried extremely fast. By fast, I mean approximately 2 minutes. I have a very busy schedule and I certainly cannot dedicate hours to nail maintenance everyday (although, my lack of attention to my nails could also explain why they are weak)

I think the only challenge with this will be remembering to put it on everyday. But aside from that, it is definitely worth a try.



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