The Spa At MINT

The Spa At MINT


Last week, I had the pleasure of going to The Spa at MINT for a signature facial and it was everything I wanted it to be, glorious.

Everything at MINT whispers that I should be healthier. I am not quite sure why it has that effect. When I walked in the door, to my left, I saw the gym and I am not one to really pay much attention to others at the gym as I always want to be in and out the door in under 2 hours. On this particular day, I quickly noticed there are some really attractive people at that gym and they all seemed really happy to be there! But I digress.

When I arrived at the Dupont location, I was given slippers and a plush robe to change into and directed to the locker rooms. The women’s locker rooms were so clean and tranquil with sunlight pouring in. At MINT, all the lockers are equipped with combination locks which makes it very convenient, so leave your traditional gym lock and key at home! After changing, I met with the aesthetician Kate. She could not have been nicer.

Before she did anything, we talked, she looked at my skin closely and asked what my concerns were. Kate then told me what she observed looking at my skin. I was seriously dehydrated! That whole week, I had totally been slacking on my water intake. It was reminder that beautiful skin starts from the inside. Be good to your skin and it will be good to you.

I felt so at ease with Kate. She was the consummate professional and really knew her stuff. My facial consisted of cleansing, exfoliation, stream & extractions, facial massage, and masque. The signature facial was more than just a facial! I also received an amazing shoulder massage while my masque was on.

I could not think of a more amazing way to spend a Saturday afternoon. So to recap, my trip to MINT involved looking at beautiful people, meeting the nicest folks ever, being in an environment to made me want to be a healthier version of myself and walking out with glowing skin!

So in a word MINT was PERFECTION! I would absolutely go back and plan on it!

MINT Dupont

1724 California Street NW Washington, DC 20009

202.328.MINT (6468)

MINT Downtown

1001 16th Street NW Washington, DC 20036

202.328.MINT (6468)

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