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5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Lipstick

By Evelyn Walker

As a simple lip balm gal, even I can admit lipstick is a pretty amazing product. It was one of the first cosmetic products invented! Ancient Egyptians used to crush gems – yep, actual precious gems – and apply the crystals to their lips. And that’s not the only innovative lipstick use to be created. Deepica Mutyala, a professional beauty expert and vlogger posted a video in January that became an instant hit. She found an unorthodox way to conceal dark circles using red lipstick. Check it out!

Here’s what you need to know before getting started:

For a dark skin tone – an orangey-red lipstick like e.l.f. Studio’s Velvet Rope should do the trick.

For an olive/light skin tone –a peach or coral lipstick like Wet n Wild’s Silk Finish 15 Minutes Aflame is a better choice.Lipstick Post 1.jpg

So once you’ve got the right lipstick for your skin tone, here’s how to cover up those under eye blemishes and dark spots using Deepica’s beauty hack.

  • Make sure your face is clean and product free
  • Get some lipstick on a shader brush
  • Apply it evenly over the areas you want neutralized
  • Don’t try to blend it into your skin just let it sit for a minute
  • Then apply your regular concealer over the lipstick
  • Using a blending sponge, blend out the concealer
  • Continue with your normal beauty routine

Once the concealer is properly blended and set with translucent powder, you should find that your complexion has evened out. It may take a few tries, but lipstick as a tone corrector definitely works! Click here to see it done on lighter skin.

Lipstick can also be used as other products like:

Eyeshadow base

Lipsticks have that creamy texture which works perfectly as an eyeshadow base. If you’ve got lighter shades of lipstick like beiges and pinks, you can use them to make your eyeshadows pack more of a punch. It’s easy!Lipstick Post 2

  • Prime/moisturize your eyelids
  • Apply the lipstick onto the eyelid with an eyeshadow brush
  • Cover the lids evenly and blend the outer edges
  • Apply eyeshadow and eyeliner as normal

The result is beautiful! The lipstick base makes the eyeshadow color look more intense and it will help your eye look last longer. You can try experimenting with different shades of lipstick and complementing eyeshadows to see what works for you.

Blush/cheek stain

If you’re looking for the perfect blush to match your lipstick, look no further – it’s right in front of you! Lipstick can substitute as a cream blush and it’s super easy to apply. No melting or mixing necessary.Lipstick Post 3

  • Rub some onto your finger from the tube
  • Dab it onto your cheek bones
  • With a clean finger blend the lipstick out

After that easy-peasy process you should have a lovely, soft tint to your cheeks that goes perfectly with your lipstick.

Lip gloss

If you’re crushed that your favorite lipstick is running out or has broken, fear not! You can turn it into a lip gloss. Lipstick Post 4

  • Mash up the lipstick in a bowl using a spoon
  • Mix a little Vaseline/petroleum jelly into it
  • Put the bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds
  • Mix the melted product together

And you’ve made your own lip gloss! You can add more Vaseline if you want the gloss thicker or substitute it with clear lip gloss.

From an eyeshadow base to a tone corrector, your lipstick can be turned into some useful makeup products. With a little experimenting you could even create your own custom concealer or highlighter from an old lipstick.

Do you use your lipstick in an unusual way? I’d love to hear about it!