My Interview With Refinery29!!! DC Style

My Interview With Refinery29!!!


I am quoted in Refinery29 y’all! The article about is DC Style and it is no longer Hollywood for ugly people. I have posted an except below and linked to the entire article!

By Lauren Sherman

As a Washington, D.C.-based public-relations executive and beauty blogger, Colour Me Glam’s Manoucheka Attime is permitted to have a decent amount of fun with her wardrobe. That means brightly colored blazers, statement necklaces, and bold lipstick colors. But when Attime, 34, was working as an aide on Capitol Hill, she relied on dark suits and button-ups. “You’re not supposed to be the one standing out,” she says. “It’s not about you.”

That sentiment is a far cry from television shows set in the nation’s capital, like Scandal,House of Cards, and Madame Secretary, where power players are decked out in Armani suits and perfectly tailored Roland Mouret shift dresses. That’s because even in the age of Olivia Pope and Claire Underwood, real-life Capitol Hill style is still evolving.

The District’s fashion gets a bum rap, and not entirely without reason. Where the apparel industry fuels New York City’s obsession with underground labels and off-the-runway looks, and Hollywood’s casual M.O. has pinned it as the poster child for athleisure, D.C. intellects have long rejected anything other than a nondescript uniform. “People are more concerned with looking smart than pretty, or looking more senior at a meeting than snazzy at an event,” said one insider.

But why can’t they be both? There are a few things at play behind the explanation. Maybe most important, Washington is a company town whose business is world affairs. Glamour is downplayed. For many who run in the city’s high-powered circles, it’s still considered frivolous to appear too concerned with appearances. It’s certainly important to look well-kempt, but the idea is to blend in, not to stand out. Another point, less often addressed, is that fashion, for many of these executives, is not something they care to think about. It’s not just that they don’t want to look like they care, it’s that they simply don’t. The rest of the article is here…