Ring in the Season With Glowing Skin


If you have read my blog before, you know that I am stickler for washing your face at night. Going to bed with a face of makeup is a huge no no. However, I know that we are all human and with all the Christmas parties, you are bound to fall asleep with your makeup on (trust, I too have fallen victim to late night parties!).

After awhile, my skin starts looking dull and definitely not party ready. So I was very excited to get the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System. This product is said to reduce fine lines and age spots. So what does it really stack up? Before we get into the product review, we should discuss what a microdermabrasion is and what to expect.

In short, Microdermabrasion is essentially a powerful mechanical exfoliation with an expensive machine in a spa or dermatologist’s office. It works by using tiny crystals to remove the uppermost layer of dead skin cells from the face, chest and hands.

Microdermabrasion is one of the easiest and most effective anti-aging treatments you can get. Its benefits are many including: softening fine lines and wrinkles, helps to smooth coarsely textured skin, decreases the appearance of scarring, decreases pore size, and reduces superficial hyper-pigmentation, also known as age spots.

So how does the at home system stack up to the doctor’s office?


As an exfoliant, this at home system that cost under $20 did a really good job of exfoliating my skin! The device comes with exfoliating pads that lather up when you wet them. What you will notice is softer, smoother skin. I have been using it for the past 6 days and I plan to make this a part of my routine.

A microdermabrasion at a doctor’s office will run about $100-$150. Truth be told, I have not had this treatment at a doctor’s office, so I can’t compare the 2. However, I think this at home system is doing quite well!

If you are like me and have oily skin, exfoliating 3 times a week will help to remove oil build up. If you have dry skin, I would exfoliate once a week.

You Can find the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System at Target and Walmart.

Merry Christmas All!!!!

Product Review: Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation


I purchased Revlon’s Nearly Naked foundation over a week ago and I just LOVE it. This foundation has a natural matte finish and provides sheer coverage but it is buildable if you want a slightly more made up look. Nearly Naked foundation has  staying power which makes it a good option from day to night. This is really a good option for most skin types. I have oily to combination skin and this did not make me shiny as some other foundations have done in the past.

Along with this foundation being absolutely beautiful on, it also contains sunscreen which as we all know is key to protecting skin from wrinkles and sun damage.

I wish there were more options for black girls. The darkest shade is Cappuccino which I have pictured above. The packaging is not really convenient, I wish it was in a pump bottle, but it is not a deal breaker for me.

Overall, this is great option for those wanting something that is light weight with a natural finish and best of all, it is under $10!


L’Oreal Liquid Eyeliner

L'Oreal Liquid Eyeliner

The other day I was talking to my friend fantastic friend Leslie and she was telling about her Sephora $200 Sephora haul. Having been guilty of that myself, we discussed finding less expensive but still amazing products at the drug store, Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond! For the past couple of years, I have been an avid fan of the gel liners. They are great, smudge proof and perfect for those hot, humid days in the summer in DC.

Then, a fantastic thing happened. I was watching an E! Online beauty tutorial and after makeup artist used a liquid eyeliner for a winged eye, I knew I had to try it! And so the search was on! I am not going to lie, I found a number of products that were lackluster and in some instances pricey! You can imagine my joy when I found the L’oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black. I now use it every day and I love it! Here is the best part, it is under $10, that is half the price my friend spent on her eyeliner.

The felt tip applicator makes applying your eyeliner a breeze and the formula dries quickly. This product is resistant to smudging and flaking. I highly recommend you give this a try.


EOS Lip Balm Review



Over the past few weeks, it has been hard not to notice eos lip balms. This absolutely adorable egg shaped lip balms has been endorsed by the likes of Kim Kardashian and countless beauty blogs and magazines.

They are sold in local drug stores such as Target and Walgreens . The lip balms are 100% natural and 95% of their ingredients are organic. They cost about $3-4 depending on your location and come in a variety of flavors.

I will say, I do like this eos product, I would not say it is the best lip balm I have used. I am still going to stick by Sugar Lip Balm, which I love, love, love!!!!


Inspired by Michelle Obama’s Makeup

Michelle Obama Makeup images

I think most will agree our First Lady Michelle Obama is stunning and often times appears to be wearing minimal makeup. The same can be said of the amazing Cover Girl Ellen DeGeneres. Her makeup, like her style of dress is always easy breezy!

I saw these great make tips on the Huffington Post and thought it would be great to share with you beautiful ladies. Off course I had to add a few of my own tips. For a simple workday look, all you need is mascara, lip gloss, tamed eyebrows and concealer to cover minimal flaws.

Brows: Your eyebrows make such a difference in the way you look. You should always take care to groom your brows on a fairly regular basis. Grab an eyebrow brush (yes, you should definitely own one of these) and groom your brows by brushing in their natural direction of growth. For most women, this is upwards. Fill in any sparse sections with a brow pencil or powder, then brush again to blend product through. Sephora Eye CombSonia Kashuk Eyebrow Comb/Brush

Mascara: Curl your lashes, apply a few coats of mascara, then curl again to instantly wake up your look. If you have an extra two minutes to spare, one of my favorite quick tricks is to line my eyes with a kohl pencil and smudge it out. It is best to use a brown liner instead of black to achieve a softer look. Favorite Mascaras (I love so many of them. What are some of your favorites?): Benefits They’re Real, Cover Girl Last Blast, L’Oreal Voluminous Full Definition

Lips: a pink lipstick , tinted or clear gloss not only completes this look, but it creates a more youthful appearance. To change your look from the workday to happy hour , add a bolder lip color, such as a red or deep coral lipstick. Favorite Lip Color (This is a small list as I love some many! Please share some of your favorites) Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Intense, Express Lip Gloss, The Balm Stainiac

Concealer: Add a concealer that is as close to your skin tone as possible. Typically, most makeup artists will say you should use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin. However, if you are concealing minor flaws and do not intend on following up with foundation or BB cream always use a concealer that matches your skin tone. This will avoid having random light spots of concealer on your face. Tinted Moisturizer can be used in place of concealer. See previous post on tinted moisturizers. Favorite concealers: Coastal Scents, MAC Select Cover-Up, L’Oreal True Match,